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Gymnastics Leotard - Don't Quit Gymnastics Team

Gymnastics Leotard - Don't Quit Gymnastics Team

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Gymnastics is hard. 

There are days when you want to quit.

There are days when you've had enough.

There are days when you feel like you can't get back up.

But you're stronger than that.


You can get back up and give it more.

All you have to do is look down at your Don't Quit gymnastics leotard and remember that you can DO IT. 

You just need to brush yourself off and try again.

The silver hologram material on the back of this leotard is shimmery in all shades of the rainbow under the light reminding your teammates that you are in fact a unicorn who can do anything she dreams of.

After all, you are part of the Don't Quit Gymnastics Team.

This gymnastics leotard comes with a matching silver scrunchie that you can wear in your hair or around your wrist as another reminder that you will shine if you just keep going.


Tips for Taking Care of Your Leotard

Rinse/Wash ASAP: Leotards need a rinse even after a quick workout. Sweat, body oils, and deodorant can do damage. The sooner you can wash, the better!

Hand Wash: Washing machines agitate all the delicate parts - crystals, vinyl, straps, or holograms. So hand washing is best.

Soap Up: Wash your leotard using a mild detergent and stay away from standard laundry detergent, especially granular ones, as they can be abrasive. DO NOT use Woolite or fabric softener. They break down the glue that holds the embellishments on the garment. Do not bleach or iron your leotards.

Dry Off: Do not wring out your leotards after hand washing them because doing so can damage the fibers. Lay the leotard out on a towel, roll the towel up and squeeze gently, then lay it out to dry. Avoid drying it in sunshine. 

Rotate Leos: Spandex and Lycra are memory fabrics, meaning they need a full day to snap back to their usual position. If you're at camp, or wear leotards often, it's essential to have more than one so that each leo has 24 hours to bounce back (as well as time to wash and dry completely).

Keep Cool: Hot water is bad for workout wear. Wash your garment in cold water.

Watch Where You Sit: When you're at the gym, watch out for Velcro on mats, equipment, or grips. Velcro can snag leotard material.


Leotard Sizing

This manufacturer has a unique sizing system so please consult the size chart below before ordering since they offer more sizes than industry standard. Their goal is to make sure your child has the PERFECT FIT. 

1. MEASURE: Take measurements of your child's CHEST, WAIST, HIP and TORSO.

2. TORSO: Don't skip the TORSO! This is the most important measurement. To measure the torso: hold one end of the measuring tape at your shoulder, loop it down between your legs and up your back until it meets the other end of the tape.

3. CHOOSE: Select SIZE based on measurements. Unsure? Choose the size that best matches the TORSO and the CHEST.



Size Chest Waist Hip Torso
Child 2T 18-20 19.5 20-21 34-35
Child 3/4 19-21 20 21-22 35-37.5
Child 4/5 20-22 20.5 22-23 37-.5-39
Child 5/6 21-23 21 23-24 39-40.5
Child 6/7 22-24 21.5 24-25 40.5-42
Child 7/8 23-25 22 25-26 42-43
Child 8/9 24-26 22.5 26-27 43-44
Child 9/10 25-27 23 27-28 44-46
Child 10/11 27-29 24 28-29 47-49
Child 11/12 29-32 24.5 30-31 49-51
Adult XS 33-35 24-26 32-34 50-53
Adult S 34-36 25-27 33-35 54-58
Adult M 35-37 26-28 34-36 56-60
Adult L 36-38 27-29 35-37 58-62
Adult XL 37-39 28-30 36-38 60-64
Adult XXL 38-40 29-31 37-39 62-66


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