About Anna Kojac, M.Ed., Founder of Stick It Girl LLC

Anna Kojac, mental performance coach for gymnasts

Hi gymnasts, parents, and coaches!

I'm Anna Kojac, M.Ed. and I'm a mental performance coach who works exclusively with gymnasts. I live in Long Island, New York but I conduct virtual coaching sessions all over the world. 

I'm also the founder of the Stick It Girl Academy, the Gymnastics Mental Training Academy, and the Stick It Girl Boutique.


Here are some of my credentials: 

  • B.A. Psychology, Minor in Dance - Emory University in Atlanta, GA - 2001
  • M.Ed. Sport Psychology - University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA - 2004
  • 2 years of Medical School - New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Sports: Gymnastics, Dance, Collegiate Co-Ed Cheerleading, Collegiate Track & Field (Hurdler & Pole Vaulter)
  • Certifications: Pilates, Personal Training
  • Member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology
  • Professional Member of USA Gymnastics
  • Content Creator at GymnasticsHQ.com from January 2019-July 2020 and author of GymnasticsHQ's Mindset & Meet Journal
  • Mental Performance Group Coach at Complete Performance Coaching from April 2021-September 2022


Like you, I was a competitive gymnast and lived and breathed gymnastics for much of my childhood and early adolescence. 

When I was about 14, a debilitating wrist injury forced me to leave the sport I loved so much and I was absolutely devastated.

I knew in my heart, right then and there, that I would find a way back to gymnastics.

At age 16 I stumbled upon the field of sport psychology and KNEW that was my calling. I knew I was destined to continue my gymnastics journey in this way.

As an undergrad I created my own internships related to gymnastics. I wrote paper after paper on the culture of gymnastics. I dissected the book "Little Girls In Pretty Boxes" by Joan Ryan and wrote an essay on it, winning a local literary contest. I analyzed different coaching methods for their effectiveness and wrote about it in my thesis project.

Yup, you could say I was a little obsessed with gymnastics and psychology.

By the time I got to grad school I was determined to soak it all up.  I wanted to learn EVERYTHING related to the mind and gymnastics.


Because while I was a decent gymnast I ALWAYS got in my own way.

As a gymnast I suffered from nerves. I doubted my ability. I compared myself to other gymnasts. I had zero confidence. And I didn't trust myself.  

I had really big dreams but I didn't truly believe I could achieve them (even though out loud I said I did).

While an injury forced me out of gymnastics, I know my untrained mindset would have kept me from achieving big things had I been able to keep training. 

That's why I created Stick It Girl and resources to help as many gymnasts as possible! 

I wanted to give as many gymnasts as I could the tools that I was missing when I was a gymnast. If I had these tools I might have had the confidence to speak up when my body was hurting. I might have been able to compete as well as I practiced. I might have been able to stop comparing myself to other gymnasts. And I wouldn't have let mental blocks get in my way.

Through the Stick It Girl blog and the Stick It Girl Academy, I'm going to show you how to conquer fear and self-limiting beliefs so you can be the best gymnast you can be.

I also wanted you to have a resource to turn to when you need a confidence boost or just need some help getting through a mental block or rough season.

 Always here rooting for you,

Coach Anna

 Anna Kojac, M.Ed., mental toughness coach for gymnastics

 P.S. I'm also a mom to 4 boys, none of whom do gymnastics. So my biggest joy is living vicariously through YOUR gymnastics experience and seeing you use my tools and benefit from them.