Here are five Halloween costume ideas using gymnastics leotards!

There's one thing gymnasts have a lot of and that's leotards! Why not use a leotard your gymnast already has this Halloween and embellish it with accessories? This can be a fun thing for you and your gymnast to brainstorm on together.


Here are a few ideas to get you started...but also check out my most recent Halloween costumes using gymnastics leotards from the Spooky Gymnastics Vibes Halloween Box.

Halloween Costume Ideas Using Gymnastics Leotards - Idea #1: JoJo Siwa


Jojo Siwa costume idea using gymnastics leotard for Halloween - Stick It Girl Boutique

We all know how much girls love JoJo Siwa these days! Pair this adorable Pink Unicorn Magic Leotard with a JoJo Siwa Skirt and Jacket, signature shoes with bow, a microphone, bow for her hair, and her dog!

The links to these items are below (all are affiliate links):

Unicorn Magic Leotard

JoJo Siwa Skirt

JoJo Siwa Jacket

JoJo Siwa High Top Shoes with Bow

JoJo Siwa Karaoke Microphone

JoJo Siwa Rainbow Rhinestone Bow for Hair

JoJo Siwa BowBow The Dog Pillow Buddy


Halloween Costume Ideas Using Gymnastics Leotards - Idea #2: Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Costume Idea Using Gymnastics Leotard

If your gymnast doesn't know who JoJo Siwa is but loves rainbows and unicorns then this Rainbow Unicorn costume idea is a fun choice! Pair a Unicorn Doodles Leotard with Rainbow Straps with a Unicorn Headband, Rainbow Skirt, Rainbow Leg Warmers, Skechers Unicorn Shoes, and Rainbow Wrist Sweatbands.

The links to these items are below:

-Unicorn Doodles Gymnastics Leotard

-Unicorn Headband

-Rainbow Skirt

-Rainbow Leg Warmers

-Skechers Unicorn Shoes

-Rainbow Sweatbands

Halloween Costume Ideas Using Gymnastics Leotards - Idea #3: VSCO Girl


Halloween Costumes Using Gymnastics Leotards VSCO Girl

If your gymnast is a VSCO girl at heart then she might as well make a costume out of it! Pair this VSCO gymnastics leotard with Nike track shorts, tons of scrunchies, a Fjallraven backpack, crocs, croc charms, an instant camera, sea turtle bracelet, hydro flask water bottle, and vinyl gymnastics stickers.

The links to these items are below:

-VSCO Girl Gymnastics Leotard

-Nike Track Shorts


-Fjallraven Backpack


-Croc Charms

-Sea Turtle Bracelet

-Hydroflask Water Bottle

-Vinyl Gymnastics Stickers

-Instant Camera


Halloween Costume Ideas Using Gymnastics Leotards - Idea #4: Mrs. Elf


Halloween Costume Ideas Using Gymnastics Leotards Elf Stick It Girl

If your gymnast loves Christmas then she might go crazy over being an elf for Halloween. The best part about this costume is that she can re-use it around the holidays, especially the adorable Gym Elf Leotard! Snag one now while it's still available. Pair it with an elf hat, elf shoes, striped socks or tights, and a fake gift as a prop. 

The links to these items are below:

-Gym Elf Leotard 

-Elf Tutu

-Elf Hat

-Elf Shoes

-Striped Socks

-Fake Gift Box


Halloween Costume Ideas Using Gymnastics Leotards - Idea #5: Little Red Riding Hood


Halloween Costume Ideas Using a Gymnastics Leotard - Little Red Riding Hood

And well, this list wouldn't be complete with an old fairytale classic. For the girl who loves her fairytales, Little Red Riding Hood is a classic that your gymnast can make extra blingy with this Sparkly Majestic Eagle Gymnastics Leotard, a cute Red Tutu as a skirt, a velvet red cape, black tights, red ballet shoes, and an adorable picnic basket.

The links to these items are below:

-Black Majestic Eagle Leotard

-Red Tutu

-Red Velvet Cape

-Black Tights

-Red Ballet Shoes

-Picnic Basket


What other ideas do you have using gymnastics leotard for your gymnast's Halloween costume? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.


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