A gymnastics vision board is one of the best ways to get your mind in the right place for the upcoming year.

(Last Updated December 2022)

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Whether you are getting ready to compete, are in the middle of your gymnastics season, or are in the off-season, a gymnastics vision board can keep you focused for the year ahead. 

In this time of uncertainty, a gymnastics vision board is even more important than in past years. 

Not only does a gymnastics vision board offer hope for the future, it gives you something to focus on daily that can lift up your spirits and keep you in a positive mindset.

So How Do You Create A Gymnastics Vision Board?

It's super simple -There are no rules! 

This is YOURS and you can make it any way you like. The purpose is that your finished project feels good to you.

Actually, there is one rule when making your gymnastics vision board...

Don't make your vision board on a computer.

There is power in cutting things out and glueing them down that you don't get by using canva or a word document.

However, you CAN use the computer to find images to print out. Just make sure you print them out. If you don't have a colored printer, don't sweat it. You can add color to your overall design at the end to make those black and white photos look good on your board.

Ok, ready to get started?


Gymnastics Vision Board

Big Picture Goals for Your Gymnastics Vision Board

For your gymnastics vision board, start by thinking of some big picture goals that you have for gymnastics.

Ask yourself: What do I envision longer term for my future in gymnastics? 

More questions to consider:

Do you want to go onto compete at the collegiate level?

Do you have your hopes set on making an Olympic team?

Do you want to be a gymnastics coach or own a gymnastics center?

Do you want to be a gymnastics mental coach?

Decide what you want from your future in gymnastics and then find some images that support that vision. 

Remember that these are YOUR dreams and they can be as big as you want them to be. 

Think of How Those Big Picture Goals Will Make You Feel When You Achieve Them

Now that you have some big picture gymnastics goals, think about how you will feel when you achieve them.

Will you feel happy, excited, relieved, satisfied, successful?

Find specific words, quotes, or pictures that describe these emotions. You can clip some gymnastics photos from gymnastics magazines or print some out from google. You can find words to use that describe the feelings you want to feel from newspapers, magazines, or you can even write them in.


P.S. You can grab Stick It Girl's Vision Board Cutouts (updated December 2022) by clicking on the image below.

Gymnastics Vision Board Cutouts - Stick It Girl Blog

One of the most effective ways to visualize is to find the emotions you want to feel as a result of achieving your goals and focus on those feelings while you're visualizing.

At the end of the day, the reason you want to achieve all of these gymnastics goals is so that you feel _____________ (fill in the blank).

If you can find that emotion FIRST before you've achieved your goal, you are more likely to actually achieve that goal!

And besides, even if you never achieve the goals on your vision board, if you've achieved the feelings behind those goals then you can feel successful because that was the point! But trust me when I say that when you are successful at achieving those feelings, more and more things will happen for you to support those feelings. This is basic law of attraction!


Gymnastics Vision Board

Grab Some Paper or Poster Board And Get To Work on Your Gymnastics Vision Board

This is the fun part. Grab some paper or poster board and start designing your gymnastics vision board. 

I suggest writing out the words "2023" in the middle or top of the board. You can add in your name there {Anna's Gymnastics Vision Board 2023} if you'd like too.

Before you glue anything down, make sure you lay it all out first on the poster board to see how it looks. That way you can rearrange anything that looks out of place. 

Once you've nailed down a good design, you can then start gluing down each word or picture one by one.

When all the pictures are glued down, you can then decorate on top of or around them. Add glitter, stickers, ribbon tape, and anything else that you have that feels good to you. 

Again, this gymnastics vision board should feel good to you and you should WANT to look at it because you think it is just so beautiful.


The Magic Behind A Gymnastics Vision Board

The fun part is creating your gymnastics vision board but the real work (and magic) lies in using your board as a tool for achieving your goals. 

Each and EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. after you have created your gymnastics vision board, take one minute every morning or evening and look at your vision board. As you are looking at it, imagine yourself achieving the feelings and goals on your board. Smile as you imagine how amazing it feels to have accomplished those goals. 

Now do this again, over and over and over, every day.  

You can't just create a vision board and expect it to work its magic if you don't take the time to put in the effort of visualizing. 

Even elite gymnasts have used vision boards to help them achieve success including Olympic gold medalist, Nastia Liukin. 

In her interview with People regarding 5 Tips For Parents of Budding Gymnasts, Nastia Liukin suggested helping your little one stay focused in a fun way. Her advice? 

“I always give the advice of keeping a vision board with images of your current goals,” says Liukin, who created her own board with pictures of the medals being awarded at the Beijing Olympics when she was competing. She ultimately won five medals. “This is something that I always did because having that visual helped me to stay focused on what I wanted to accomplish.”

As Nastia puts it, having that visual is a great way to stay focused and to be reminded of what you want to accomplish.

So if you haven't created your gymnastics vision board already, it's time to get to work! As you just learned, a vision board is a great way to lay out your goals along with the FEELINGS associated with having those goals. And if you make it a habit to look at your gymnastics vision board daily, you can have this as another mental training tool in your toolbox. Good luck and have fun!

Gymnastics Vision Board

Your gymnastics vision board is also an important way to cast your vision for your gymnastics journey

Here Are Some Gymnastics Vision Boards From Our Stick It Girl Instagram Community 

Gymnastics Vision Board by Ellacthegymnast

Vision board by @ellacthegymnast on Instagram

Gymnastics Vision Board by Ella.beth.gymnast28

Vision board by @Ella.beth.gymnast28 on Instagram

Here are some recent Vision Boards created by gymnast in the Stick It Girl Community!

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Gymnastics Vision Board - Reagan

If you have a gymnastics vision board you'd like me to include in this blog, email me at anna@stickitgirl.com. 

Gymnastics Vision Board



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