It's that time of year again! You're searching for the perfect gift for your gymnast for the holidays. And luckily I've put together some gymnastics gift ideas for you to gift to the gymnast in your life!

Many of these come from the Stick It Girl Boutique while some come from other places (Amazon, Destira, Foxys, Etsy, etc).

Please note: A few of the links below are affiliate links which means that if you order using my link, I may earn a small commission! If you do, thank you!

Here's what made the list for gymnastics gift ideas for the holidays 2022:

1. Gymnastics Leotard

Gymnastics Gift Ideas - New Leotard

Obviously a leotard is top of the list for any gymnast. A gymnast would love to receive a new gymnastics leotard and if you ask her, she can never have too many! Order one from her favorite leotard brand or surprise her with something totally new.

I've picked out a few that I personally love. But obviously there are many different brands including Ozone, CocoVida, Salute Leos, and more.

Regardless of which one you go with, definitely consider buying your gymnast a new leo. After all, whether it's her first leo or 100th leo, she will always be delighted.

Shown above:

1. Butterfly Blossom Leotard from Destira ($46.50) 

2. Ultra Soft Tie Dye Explosion Leotard from Foxy's ($45.99)

3. Rainbow Rush Leotard from Destira ($49.50)

4. Totally Tie Dye Leotard from Destira ($39.50)

5. Foxy's Sketch Art Jungle Leotard from Foxy's ($43.99)

6. Unicorn Dreams Leotard by Destira ($42.50)

Also, check the Stick It Girl Boutique for some discounted gymnastics leotards.

2. Stick It Girl Boutique's Limited Edition Christmas Gymnastics Box

Santa's Bestie Leotard and Christmas Box - Holiday Gift Idea for Gymnasts

Speaking of leotards, consider surprising your gymnast with a Limited Edition Christmas Santa's Bestie Gymnastics Box. Whether giving this as a December 1st gift or a Christmas one, your gymnast will delight over opening this fun box. Jam packed with Christmas-themed accessories and a Santa's Bestie leotard, your gymnast will be grinning from ear to ear.

This Christmas box is $50 which is the price of the leotard it's a no-brainer!

In addition to the Santa's Bestie leotard from Destira, there are a few other leotard options available for this box including the Ugly Red Sweater leotard from K-Bee and the Elf Squad leotard from Destira.

3. Gymnastics Flannel Pants 

Gymnastics Gift Ideas - Flannel Pants

 Any gymnast would love snuggling up in these flannel gymnastics pants. They are Boxercraft flannel pants with the words GYMNASTICS down the left leg. Limited quantities available. These run long.

1. Pink Glitter Flannel Gymnastics Pants 

2. Light Blue/Navy Flannel Gymnastics Pants

3. Plum Glitter Flannel Gymnastics Pants

3. Grip Accessories, Wristbands, or Anything Related to Rip Maintenance

Gymnastics Gift Ideas - Grips and Accessories 

Is your gymnast someone who gets rips a lot and/or is unable to work bars because of severe rips? If so, be sure to gift her some Rip Stick or to help her hands heal.

1. Destira's Sky's The Limit Grip Bag - this beautiful grip bag is even more stunning in person. It's a great way for your gymnast to store her grips or grip accessories.

2. Catchies Frozen Flakes Wristbands (other Catchies Bands also available in the Boutique) - these are an adorable way to get your gymnast in the winter spirit. 

3. The Rip Stick (handmade and all-natural balm for healing rips) - this grip balm is the size of a typical lip balm and fits nicely into a Lippy Clip holder or inside her grip bag.

4. Lippy Clip Blue Roses Holder (your gymnast can put her Rip Stick in here and clip it to her gym bag or she can put her lip balm there as well). I have many other Lippy Clip options in the Stick It Girl Boutique.

5. RipFix Tin (another balm for healing rips) - the tin is perfect for popping in her grip bag and using when needed to heal her sore hands and rips

6. Gym Kiwis Tape Grips - is your gymnast tired of making her own tape grips? Grab this pack of 3 Tape Grips from Gym Kiwis to make her life easier!

4. Gymnastics Jewelry & Keychains

Gymnastics Gift Ideas - Jewelry and Keychains

 What gymnast doesn't love some gymnastics jewelry to wear?

Here are some fun items I personally picked out:

1. Chalk It Up Blue Jean Beaded Wrap Gymnastics Bracelet by Chubby Chico Charms - this bracelet is made from real blue jeans and comes in a beautiful gift box for a nice presentation.

2. She Believed She Could So She Did Necklace - this necklace has a high quality charm on it that is solid. This makes a great motivational gift to remind your gymnast that her mindset is everything.

3. Beaded Purple/Teal Gymnastics Bracelet - this bracelet is a great favor for a team party or gymnastics birthday party. Or gift it to your gymnast as a stocking stuffer! It also comes in pink/teal and comes in two sizes.

4. Glitter Gymnastics Keychain - this keychain is a beauty and comes in many different colors. Perfect for hanging on your gymnast's gym bag or backpack. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

5. You Got This Keychain - this keychain also makes a great team gift or stocking stuffer. Gyms have even gifted these as meet gifts! This is also sold as a personalized zipper pull so your gymnast can put it on her gym bag.

6. You Got This Rainbow Gymnast Necklace - this necklace is a fun one to gift! The rainbow gymnast and necklace sparkle in the right light.

7. Gymnastics Coach Keychain - this makes a great holiday or end of season gift for your gymnast's coach. 


5. Balance Palace Gymnastics Board Game by Leah Clapper

Gymnastics Gift Ideas - Balance Palace Board Game by Leah Clapper

This Gymnastics Board Game designed by University of Florida gymnast, Leah Clapper, is sure to be a crowd pleaser with your gymnast and her friends! Navigate through Balance Palace and collect gems as you go along. Trade in your smaller gems for a larger one and try to win the crown!

This is a great holiday gift for your gymnast!


6. A Gymnastics Journal

Gymnastics Gift Ideas - Gymnastics Journals 

1. GymnasticsHQ Mindset & Meet Journal - as the author of this journal (yes, I wrote this when I worked for GymnasticsHQ), I can say this is a pretty awesome journal! I included a lot of mindset techniques as well as a way to track your meets while focusing on the important stuff. This journal was (and still is) my baby! While the colors and images have since been revised in the second edition, the content is all from my mind. This journal makes a great gift for the competitive gymnast in your life.

2. Chalk It Up Gymnastics Goal Setting Journal & Vision Board Poster -Through the included 30-page Journaling book, Positivity Board poster, Vision Board poster, and motivational stickers, your gymnast will have all the tools she'll need to set goals and smash them! 

3. Art Of Gymnastics Journal - This journal is a great way to reflect on practices and fear that might be standing in your gymnast's way. It's a beautiful leather bound journal and highly recommended for every gymnast.

4. Personalized Gymnastics Scorebook  - this mini scorebook is great for throwing in your gymnast's meet bag and keeping track of her scores. It is personalized with name and gym as well as your choice of colors. 

5. My Gymnastics Journal - this is a great gymnastics journal with 52 weeks of goals, growth, and gratitude. It's a great way for your gymnast to keep track of her goals and reflect on her practices. 


I will keep adding to this guide in the next few days so be sure to check back. In the meantime, shop the Stick It Girl Boutique while most items are on sale! 

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