Every gymnast needs a book of proof in gymnastics and I'm going to tell you why.

But first, the one thing gymnasts need a lot of is confidence. I can't talk about this subject enough because it is SO important in gymnastics!

I've discussed a few different strategies for increasing confidence in gymnastics already, such as positive self-talk and confidence statements but there is one topic that I haven't touched upon yet - a book of proof.


Why Every Gymnast Needs A Book Of Proof In Gymnastics | Stick It Girl with Anna Kojac

What Is A Book of Proof in Gymnastics?

A Book of Proof is written proof of all that a gymnast has accomplished.



The 'Book of Proof' method entails writing down EVERY skill you can do on each of your events.

It can be written in a journal, notebook, or on the worksheets I've created. Be sure to download them.

The point is to write down every single skill you have learned on each event from when you first started gymnastics (even if this was many years ago). 

And by every skill I literally mean EVERY skill!

Walking forwards and backwards on beam counts as a skill you've learned because at one time you couldn't do that. So does a chasse on floor or rebounding off the springboard in vault.

Why Does Every Gymnast Need A Book of Proof?

When you are learning challenging skills day in and day out in gymnastics, it's easy for you to forget where you started from.

When you are trying to add an extra twist to your tumbling pass you may forget that at one time you were unable to do any twists.

When working on a Yurchenko on vault, you may forget that at one time you were afraid to run full speed ahead towards the vault table.

When trying to do a back handspring on beam, you may forget that at one time you could barely walk on the beam without falling off.

It might sound silly to go back and revisit those early days of gymnastics when you were learning all the basics but it's actually a great way to build up your confidence. 


One of the Biggest Builders of Confidence is Having Past Successful Performances in Gymnastics

This Book of Proof method puts all of your past successful performances (in this case, your skills) into one place for you to see at a glance.

When you look at your successful performances you can walk away with the feeling of "I did this before. I can do it again." 

This gives you the confidence you need to try that hard skill or to keep trying when things get tough.

By using the 'Book of Proof' method you can return to your list whenever you are feeling down.

How To Use Your Gymnastics Book Of Proof

Print out my Book Of Proof printable and start filling it in.

Gymnastics Book of Proof Printable by Stick It Girl

Write down ALL the skills you can do on each event. 

Think of all the little elements that make up bigger skills such as hurdles, round-offs, front supports, tap swings, strong and explosive runs, walking in releve, etc. 

Then spend a few minutes reading through your list and notice how far you've come.

Repeat this any time you feel like you need a confidence boost.


Why Every Gymnast Needs a Book of Proof in Gymnastics




If you or your gymnast needs support, in addition to the resources below I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom.


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