Halloween is a fun holiday for many but this year some Halloween plans got dampened by the quarantine. However, this doesn't mean the fun can't go on!

I've gathered some fun resources to make this Halloween an extra special celebration for your gymnast, especially if she's stuck at home in quarantine.

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Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Gymnastics-Style:

1. Dress Up In An Olympic Gymnast Costume

What Halloween would be complete without an Olympic Gymnast costume?!

Here's a great costume idea from Means Of Lines. With the Olympics coming up in 2021 (hopefully!) this is a great way to pay homage to all those gymnasts training hard this year. Plus it will give your gymnast something to aspire to.

Simply take a leotard that embodies the spirit of the Olympics (this red, white, and blue one is a great one), get a gold medal to go with it, add some gymnastics chalk to your gymnast's leotard or hands/legs and create a cute little podium by placing a white sheet over an ottoman and drawing the Olympic Rings on it (optional). Easy peasy!

Set up a photo shoot in your living room or bedroom and have your gymnast imagine she's just won a gold medal at the Olympics. You can even gift her a bouquet of flowers for her accomplishments! Print out these photos afterwards and have her glue them in places that will continue to inspire her - her notebook, gymnastics journal, goal board, or bedroom wall. 

Halloween Costume Idea Olympic Gymnast
Image from Means of Lines


2. Set up a Spooky Beam Station at Home

At this point (especially with quarantine) most gymnasts have some sort of home beam in their house. So this fun Frankenstein Walk from Happy Gymnastics is a fun way to make use of their gymnastics equipment this Halloween.

If your gymnast doesn't have a beam at home, don't fret. You can use a piece of duct tape to create a beam on the floor and set it up the same way. Just make sure the tape measures about 4 inches wide (you might have to put two layers of tape down next to each other).

For this Frankenstein Walk station, buy little Halloween shapes or plastic spiders and place them on the balance beam a few inches apart. You can add fake spiderwebs to the sides of the beam to make it look extra spooky. Have your gymnast keep her arms and legs straight and feet flexed and try to walk over the Halloween shapes while staying on the beam/line. Extra credit for fun noises and silly faces!

Then when she's done, have her create her own fun beam games incorporating the shapes and see if YOU (the parent) can do them! You'll both end up laughing. Make sure to videotape the fun so you can look back on this moment forever!

P.S. Looking for a good home balance beam? Check out this one from DGS Gym Supply

Gymnastics Halloween Frankenstein Walks


3. Give or Mail Out A Gymnastics Halloween Card to Your Teammates

Whether your gymnast is going to the gym or not, she can print out this free Gymnastics Halloween Card and hand deliver or mail it to her gym friends. It's always fun for kids to give and receive cards and if you want to add a little extra you can attach it to a Halloween loot bag too. Click HERE to get the free download or click on the image of the Gymnastics Halloween card below.

This card is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper or white cardstock. It is double sided so be sure to set your printer to the double-sided setting or re-feed the back of the paper into the printer if your printer only prints one-sided.

Gymnastics Halloween Card


 4. Decorate a Gymnastics Pumpkin

Every one loves decorating pumpkins! Why not decorate it gymnastics-style with these fun gymnastics vinyl stickers. You can just peel and stick and then use different colored sharpies to draw designs around it. Your gymnast will be thrilled to have her very own gymnastics pumpkin! Be sure to take a picture before the pumpkin rots so she can remember her beautiful pumpkin forever!

How to Decorate a Pumpkin Gymnastics Style with Vinyl Gymnastics Stickers


5. Carve a Pumpkin Using Gymnastics Carving Stencils

If you are brave (and don't mind a mess) and your gymnast loves carving pumpkins, then these gymnastics pumpkin carving stencils are for her!

Print these out and tape them onto the front of the pumpkin and then carve out the design. Gymnasts should have parental help for this one and never leave your gymnast alone with the pumpkin carving knife, which we're sure goes without saying. Click HERE to get 3 gymnastics pumpkin carving stencils FREE.

When it's all done, drop an LED tea light candle inside and leave it in the window or front yard for all to admire!

Halloween Gymnastics Pumpkin Carving Stencils



Those are 5 ways to make this Halloween extra special for your gymnast. While your gymnast may or may not be able to celebrate Halloween in the gym with her teammates, she can most certainly enjoy a fun Halloween at home. 

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