Please note: This challenge is now a PAID challenge.

Stick It Girl is excited to announce its 31 Days of Confidence Challenge for Gymnasts!

ALL gymnasts need confidence. 

It's such an important part of mental training for gymnastics because it helps to balance out fear in gymnastics.

When confidence is high in gymnastics, fear is low.

When fear is high in gymnastics, confidence is low.

Confidence Challenge for Gymnasts with Coach Anna Kojac

Therefore, to help prevent mental blocks in gymnastics or to help your gymnast move past a mental block when she gets one, absolute confidence is necessary.

Unfortunately, most gymnastics coaches don't have time to deliberately work on building up confidence in their gymnasts during practice. 

And sadly, many gymnastics coaches still use ineffective coaching methods that leave gymnasts feeling a lack of self-worth instead of confident.


That is why Stick It Girl is excited to announce our FREE 31 Days of Confidence Challenge for Gymnasts 

This challenge fills a gap that exists in the gymnastics world.

There are simply not enough resources out there to help gymnasts with their mental training, including confidence-building activities.

That's why I created this 31 day confidence challenge for gymnasts and am offering it FREE to any gymnast who wants to sign up.


How the 31 Days of Confidence Challenge for Gymnasts Works

Gymnasts sign up for the course by clicking the "Enroll for FREE" button on the course page.

Confidence challenge for gymnasts with Coach Anna Kojac


After logging in, you will see a dashboard with all of the challenges listed on the side. 

Gymnastics Confidence Challenge 

Start with the Welcome module and download and print out all the PDFs to get prepped to take the challenge.

31 Days of Confidence Challenge for Gymnasts | Stick It Girl

There's even a calendar you can print out and cross off as you go through the challenges.

31 Days of Confidence Challenge

As a special bonus, any gymnast who makes it all the way through all 31 days of the challenge will receive a prize from the Stick It Girl Shop.

Sign up NOW for this amazing confidence challenge for gymnasts!

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